About Us

Medipex Ltd is the NHS Innovation Hub for the Yorkshire and Humber region in the UK and provides technology transfer services to the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK.

We assist the NHS bodies and their employees (doctors, nurses, R&D staff, supporting functions et al.) in the region to recognise the true value of their ideas. Guidance and practical support is provided from the idea stage through to development and final product launch in the marketplace. This ensures that the innovations and Intellectual Property (IP) within the NHS are identified and developed in the interests of improved patient care and also for the benefit of the NHS and the inventors.

Outside the NHS we provide services to industry, individuals or collaborators wanting to work with the NHS and who are seeking our expertise in technology transfer and managing a commercial interface between NHS and external.

We can provide an independent managed service in the following areas:

  • Commercial collaborations and joint ventures with the NHS
  • New product development and confidential assessments
  • Market research
  • Clinical trials of medical devices and technologies

Medipex bridges the gap between the NHS, Companies and Investors. Our expertise is in developing and managing innovations; patent protection; collaborations and commercial agreements with investors, venture capitalists, and companies giving us the ability to efficiently deliver a powerful, reliable and comprehensive intellectual property service to NHS members, local businesses, investors and global organizations.