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Communication Challenges in Cancer Care


Doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals have important roles to play in guiding and supporting the cancer patients through all stages of their cancer journey (NHS, National Cancer Plan 2000). Alongside acquiring a sophisticated understanding and technical skills to plan and deliver current cancer treatments, it is also required that the healthcare professional (HCP) listens and responds. It is well known that cancer causes a range of difficult and complex emotional reactions such as; anxiety, depression, anger, uncertainty and fear (Scott 2002).

Imparting information to the cancer patient is as important as it is difficult. The Skills for Healthcare Professionals DVD box consists of 10 DVD's and a booklet.

The main aims/objectives of the series of DVD's are:

  • To understand some of the most challenging communication issues in cancer care
  • To identify specific communication skills which can be practised
  • To recognise some of their personal barriers to most effective communication

The DVD's consist of 10 different scenarios centred on the following themes:

  • Anger and Aggression
  • Dealing with a request to give a diagnosis over the phone
  • Complex information - helping the patient to make treatment options
  • Dealing with the informed patient
  • The trauma of cancer recurrence
  • Helping to make adjustments in palliative care
  • Helping a relative after a difficult death
  • Communicating through a health advocate
  • Helping a colleague in stress

How to use the DVD's

Although each scenario tells its own story, the DVD's are not necessarily designed to be viewed from start to finish without any breaks. Rather, they can be stopped at any point at which the presenter or the learners wish to make comments. Each scenario is time-coded and the notes in the handbook provide the presenter with a brief outline of teaching points, which can be raised.

The DVD's are intended to be used in the following ways:

  • To illustrate a Talk or Lecture
  • Working with a Large Group
  • Working with a Small Group

Additional Notes

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