Identification and Treatment of Alcohol Dependency

Comprehensive text on alcohol dependency to enable interested professionals to update their knowledge and better understanding each other's roles

Every day, health professionals are faced with patients and clients who are affected in some way by alcohol misuse or abuse. This truly comprehensive text on alcohol dependency will enable all interested professionals to update their knowledge and better understanding each other's roles, so that through shared working they can help patients and clients achieve a common goal of better health.

For many years the identification and treatment of alcohol dependency have been seen by healthcare professionals as being firmly lodged within the agenda of mental health nurses, psychiatrists and the voluntary sector. As any GP, practice nurse, member of the emergency services or midwife will tell you, this is no longer true.

The misuse of alcohol is causing significant problems for modern society. Alcohol misuse is seen as a primary cause of childhood poverty and child abuse, of teenage antisocial behaviour, unplanned pregnancies, underweight and brain-damaged babies, chronic ill health, premature death, malnutrition, long-term mental health problems and aggressive behaviour. It is linked to obesity, family breakdown and unemployment and it can lead to drug abuse and criminal behaviour patterns.

This book is not just for primary carers, but also for teachers, police, family members and anyone who lives daily with the effects of alcohol abuse.

Covering topics as diverse as liver disease, cognitive development, criminal justice and spirituality, it addresses six major themes:

  • Identification and screening
  • Medical intervention
  • Psychological interventions
  • Contemporary issues
  • Clients with complex needs
  • Reproductive and developmental concerns.

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