Image Communication: SymWriter

Perfect for struggling and emerging writers

Simple and Intuitive

An intuitive Word Processor enables the quick and easy sharing of accessible information through letters, lists, stories and notes. Seeing the meaning of words as you write ensures that support can be adjusted to meet a wide range of situations.

Writing with Grids

Symbol-supported grids for writing make independent engagement in assignements and projects possible for all students. Edit and personalise ready-made environments and templates or start from scratch. Users can navigate grids with a mouse, touch screen or switch, so everyone can be engaged in the writing process.

Subtle Assistance

Built-in aids, such as spell-checking with symbols, support choosing the correct word, speech support can read out a letter, word or sentence, meaning that documents can be reviewed by listening rather than proof-reading. smart symbolising suggests the correct symbol based on part of speech, for more accurate symbolisation.

Features include:

  • Symbol sets in colour and/or in black and white
  • Any size printing, ready to fold books or single sheets
  • Over 1500 coloured pictures to build up illustrations
  • Fully flexible layouts, with guides, rulers and templates
  • Easily import digital images and scanned pictures
  • Write in plain text or symbols with all the fuctionalities of a Desktop Publisher
  • Add speech bubbles and frames
  • Copy and paste to and from other applications
  • Create tables for activity sheets and timetables
  • Network friendly, i.e. XP and Vista compatible
  • Free symbol updates provide the fullest symbol set available
  • Customise symbol support with wordlists

Additional Notes

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