Radiotherapy Planning Software for Students (version 4.0.1)

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IRPS (Interactive Radiotherapy Planning for Students) is an interactive, on-line training system for radiotherapy staff, students and trainee doctors in the uses of radiotherapy.
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An interactive, on-line training system for radiotherapy staff, students and trainee doctors in the uses of radiotherapy

Price & Availability:

The price per licence is dependant upon number of licences required. A licence is required for each user. Please contact us if you require more than 50 licences.

Please note value added tax (VAT) charged at 20% is applicable to this product. Orders from outside of the European Union (EU) are not subject to VAT.

Upon purchase you will be sent a link to the download page together with an activation key.


The IRPS program must not be used to plan patients’ radiotherapy treatments or used for any patient-related work.


IRPS (Interactive Radiotherapy Planning for Students) is an interactive, on-line training system for radiotherapy staff, students and trainee doctors in the uses of radiotherapy. It shows how isodose distributions are produced and tests the users grasp of what has been learned with interactive exercises without users requiring access to expensive clinical planning systems or any peripherals.

The Problem

With current training in Radiotherapy Planning there is a gap between the tracing paper, hand-planning approach, and the current clinical systems which may prevent trainees from getting a good feel for physical dose distribution.

The Solution

IRPS teaches the fundamental principles which underlie planning techniques, and includes interactive examples to test the students’ understanding. It also presents patient outlines and guides users towards producing a clinically acceptable dose distribution.

IRPS provides a computer-based training programme. Part 1 teaches the fundamental principles that underlie planning techniques and includes interactive tests. Part 2 presents patient outlines and guides the users towards producing a clinically acceptable dose distribution.

The development of IRPS has been led by Dr. John Conway and Dr. Stephen Tozer-Loft of the Radiotherapy Physics Department at Weston Park Hospital, Sheffield, UK. They have been developing IRPS since 1994 and its simple algorithms have been in use clinically at Weston Park Hospital for over 20 years.

IRPS was awarded the HBO/InfoRAD prize at Radiology 97 for original IT development.

Benefits to Patients & NHS

NHS staff are better trained with the result that patients receive a consistently high quality service.

IRPS was first made commercially available in January 1998 and it has been bought by individuals, medical physics departments and schools of radiography, both in the UK and internationally. A brand new version, Version 4 will shortly be available downloadable from the internet.

IRPS is suitable for all staff groups who require an in-depth understanding of computer-based radiotherapy planning including:

  • Radiation Oncologists
  • MTOs/Dosimetrists
  • Radiographers
  • Medical Physicists

Use of IRPS may be tailored to suit newcomers to radiotherapy planning, or experienced staff who wish to hone existing skills.

Hardware and Networking Requirements

A basic PC running Windows (98/ME/XP/2000+)is all that is required. Even 800x600 with 256 colours is adequate graphical performance for IRPS (although better resolution and more colours are recommended). 10 MB of hard disk space is more than enough for a server installation.

There are effectively several ways in which IRPS can be deployed:

  • IRPS may be installed on a single PC with no network capability. All users and the Supervisor run IRPS on the same PC.
  • By installing “an IRPS server” on a networked PC, many students can run the software from many locations within an institutional network. The client software can be installed on each PC, or run from a network drive or CD-ROM/DVD.
  • If the IRPS server is available via the internet, users can run IRPS from anywhere in the world, from their home computers, using client software that is locally installed, or from a CD-ROM/DVD. Broadband internet access is recommended.

Software Trial:

A demo version of IRPS can be freely downloaded by [clicking on the link below]. The demo version allows access to all the networking and supervising features of IRPS, and is not time-limited. The only restrictions are:

  • only 3 user slots are available
  • only 3 chapters in Part 1 are available (11 in the licensed version)
  • only 3 of the 36 patient outlines in part 2 are available to plan on

The demo version has the same hardware requirements as the full version. The download is a zip containing 3 files: the application, installation guidelines and an instruction manual.  The demo is only available to registered users of the Ennovations store. Click here to register / login.