Issues in Heart Failure Nursing

An eclectic collection of papers which tackles many of the issues that concern those who care for individuals with heart failure

As the number of people with heart failure rises year-on-year, and the range of treatment options that can be considered increases, the challenge is for the patient not to become 'lost' in the process of delivering high-quality multidisciplinary care. The nurse has a key role to play in ensuring a holistic approach is adopted. This book has been written by those with much pracitcal experience of working with people living, and dying, with heart failure.

The number of people suffering from this debilitating condition is predicted to grow exponentially over the next decade. This has serious implications for the health services.

Investigating heart failure is not cheap even where facilities exist. The drugs used, though effective - often remarkably so - are also costly as are laboratory investigations. These again are not cheap. People with heart failure require frequent admissions to hospital and occupy many beds and much staff attention. All of these factors are set to increase over the next decades.

This eclectic collection of papers tackles many of the issues that concern those who care for individuals with heart failure; organisation of services, exercise, palliative care amongst them, but also novel and rarely discussed issues.

Contents include:

  • Heart failure in the community: a confusion of protocols
  • District nurses meeting the challenge of heart failure
  • The care of patients who develop heart failure alongside mental health problems
  • Adults with congenital heart disease and heart failure
  • Cardiac resynchronisation therapy
  • Congestive heart failure and cognitive dysfunction
  • Sexual dysfunction in heart failure
  • Exercise training in the management of patients with heart failure: a review of the evidence
  • Exercise: the things we don't know
  • Improved symptom control in palliative care for heart failure
  • Improving palliative care service provision for patients with heart failure
  • Assisted dying and heart failure

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