Look after Your Legs - leg ulcers CD

Leg ulcer multicultural music / information CD


The purpose of this CD is to provide a light hearted approach to support self care prompts for patients who have lower leg problems or healed venous leg ulcers. The CD contains multicultural music, songs and patient interviews in English, Gujarti and Hindi.

The CD contains a series of information on wearing compression hosiery, skin care, leg elevation, exercise, toe nail care and advice on wearing sensible shoes.

The CD also contains live first hand interviews with patients and their partners who discuss how they have overcome living with a leg ulcer, coupled with the life style changes they now sustain in order to reduce the chance of ulcer recurrence. It also contains a pull out leaflet with pictorial and written leg self care prompts.

The content of the CD has been indorsed by Professor Christine Moffat and Dr Mark Porter and is also suitable for the use of clinicians working in this field as an educational and clinical tool.

!! When buying this CD please specify if you wish the insert pamphlet to be in English, Gujarti or Hindi.

For information on the “Look after Your Legs”, please go to www.healthylegs.nhs.uk