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The Femmeze® Vagina Trainer is a single user medical device for women who suffer from pelvic organ prolapses (Rectoceles).

Nose Bleed | Epistaxis - RhinoPinch Nasal Clip (x5)

The RhinoPinch® is a two layered durable cushioned adjustable plastic, comfortable, nose clip that applies pressure to the nose area (just below the bridge of the nose) in order to stop the flow of blood during nasal bleeds.

Ortho-glide - leg exerciser | leg recovery

This is a lightweight portable lower leg exerciser that through clinical evidence has demonstrated its effectiveness to provide better joint extension and flexibility and improve muscle tone after undergoing hip or knee operations including fractures, sprains and injuries to the lower leg.

POTTS - Physiological Observation Track and Trigger System / Chart

The POTTS chart integrates routinely-collected vital signs and observations with accurate early warning scoring (EWS). The chart has eliminated the need to calculate the physiological score from an instruction table.
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