Medical Devices

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POTTS - Physiological Observation Track and Trigger System / Chart

The POTTS chart integrates routinely-collected vital signs and observations with accurate early warning scoring (EWS). The chart has eliminated the need to calculate the physiological score from an instruction table.
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PROMO PACKAGE: Ortho-glider + pack of 5 replacement pads

A portable, simple and effective aid to rehabilitation after trauma or knee/hip surgery and helps to prevent DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis).

Proximat® - hip movement measuring device

The Proximat is a mat for measuring range of hip movement in children.
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Screw Advancement System For the Clark Twin Block Appliance

This new modification of the Twin Block Appliance has been developed to facilitate controlled gradual advancement of the mandibular position during the treatment of Class II Division I malocclusions.
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