Ortho-glide - replacement pads

Pack of 5 ortho-glide replacement pads

The self-adhesive insert pad is placed in the Ortho-glide yellow plastic base with the tongue of the pad aligned with the cut out area of the circular rim of the base. The pad should be placed centrally so that the insert pad covers the whole of the central rim evenly to ensure comfort during use. With the patient in a reclined position, the Ortho-glide exerciser is aligned so that the tongue of the insert pad is facing the patient and the heel is placed into the cushioned insert.

The ortho-glide leg recovery device is also for sale through the ennovations website via this link: http://www.ennovations.co.uk/p/42/ortho-glide-leg-exerciser-leg-recovery

The Ortho-glide produces a more controlled, lower friction exercise environment under different exercise positions, and offers similar control when used on different surfaces which traditional methods are unable to provide.

Additional Notes

Insert pads are designed for single patient use.

To ensure optimum performance the insert pads should be replaced periodically as they become soiled or lose their adhesion.

Pricing and Availability

Pack of 5 replacement pads = £5.11 + VAT plus postage and packaging.

Ortho-glide Single unit = £8.63 + VAT plus postage and packaging.

Promo package: Orthoglider + pack of 5 replacement pads = £12.74 + VAT plus postage and packaging.


This product is available world wide. Excluding: Finland, Sweden & Ireland. 

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