Picture of Laindon Survival Model - mortality assessment technology

Laindon Survival Model - mortality assessment technology

This excel-based software utilises the Framingham risk equations along with risks of death and disease elucidated from UK mortality and health statistics.



The Laindon Survival Model has been developed to enable patients to make a more informed choice about their healthcare. This mortality assessment technology translates the percentage risk of cardiovascular disease from the varying presentations of particular patients. Every patient has their own view of acceptable and unacceptable risk, and what interventions they would tolerate or avoid. This software allows patients to visually see the impact of their life-style habits and also the benefit of available interventions.


Cardiovascular disease is the main cause of death in the UK, accounting for over 245,000 deaths per year. This is attributable to approximately 1 out of 4 deaths in men and 1 out of 6 deaths in women. Cardiovascular related disease costs the UK health care system £1,750 million per year, and this figure is predicted to rise dramatically in the future. Prevention strategies, rather than treatment interventions, are much needed to stem this future epidemic.


This excel-based software utilises the Framingham risk equations along with risks of death and disease elucidated from UK mortality and health statistics. As a result, assessable risk factors include:

  • Smoking Vs Non-smoking;
  • Systolic blood pressure;
  • Diastolic blood pressure;
  • Diabetes;
  • Left ventricular hypertrophy;
  • Total cholesterol;
  • High density lipoprotein;
  • Age

These risk factors are then utilised to project the probability of an individual's survival over a life-time. This software is a high-impact visual awareness tool which incorporates over 2000 fixed probabilities, and has a 96% model accuracy validated through a 20 year trial involving 1391 people in Whickham (BMC Medical Informatics and Design Making. This unique decision-making and risk communication software is one of the only packages commercially available which assesses age in a real-time manner. Thus, allowing the impact of risks and interventions to be visually represented over time.

Technical Features

This software can be used immediately from any computer with Microsoft Excel and included is a value-added comprehensive instruction manual.

Pricing & Availability

For only £35 per individual licence, this software is an excellent tool to help implement a patient-led NHS and ultimately, it enables patients with a more informed choice. Discount is available for 5 or more consecutive licenses purchased.

Health Enterprise East are seeking to market this software to a select group of GP surgeries and Healthcare Centres throughout the Eastern Region. For further details of how to trial or purchase this exciting software, please contact Stuart Thomson on: Tel: +44 (0)1480 364175

Email: stuart.thomson@papworth.nhs.uk

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