PROMO PACKAGE: Ortho-glider + pack of 5 replacement pads

A portable, simple and effective aid to rehabilitation after trauma or knee/hip surgery and helps to prevent DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis).


This is a lightweight portable lower leg exerciser that through clinical evidence has demonstrated its effectiveness to provide better joint extension and flexibility and improve muscle tone after undergoing hip or knee operations including fractures, sprains and injuries to the lower leg.

The self-adhesive insert pad is placed in the Ortho-glide yellow plastic base with the tongue of the pad aligned with the cut out area of the circular rim of the base. The pad should be placed centrally so that the insert pad covers the whole of the central rim evenly to ensure comfort during use. With the patient in a reclined position, the Ortho-glide exerciser is aligned so that the tongue of the insert pad is facing the patient and the heel is placed into the cushioned insert.

Product Features

A convenient lightweight tool designed by a patient for physiotherapists and patients when undertaking lower leg rehabilitation, the device replaces the existing apparatus in hospital care plans and within the home environment.


  • Easy for the patients to use: slides smoothly on virtually any surface
  • Easier for the practitioner: base and pad assembled and ready to use in seconds
  • Hygienic: easily cleaned base and disposable pads
  • Comfortable: non-slip cushioned inserts provide comfort and security
  • Cost effective: reusable base, cost effective insert pads and minimal practitioner time required to assemble prior to use

Product Codes

4011 - single Ortho-glide with pad

4005 - pack of 5 Ortho-glide pads

Additional Notes

This product has been validated/certified. - CE Marked and ISO13485 and all products carry ISO 14001.

VAT: This product is taxable.

This product is available world wide. Excluding: Finland, Sweden & Ireland. 

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