Urine meter - Uflow

Assessment and monitoring of urine flow


The Uflow meter TM has the following benefits:

  • Low cost meter for quantitative GP assessment of patient urine flow
  • Gives patient the ability to monitor their urine flow in privacy.
  • Meter is disposable therefore no hygiene or cleaning requirements.
  • Will reduce the number of ‘unnecessary' clinic referrals.
  • Will encourage patients to identify urodynamic obstructions early, when treatment is most effective


A constriction or obstruction in the urethra reduces the rate of flow of urine. There are many conditions that can cause this. For instance prostatic hyperplasia is one such condition, which affects a significant number of men during their life.

Prostate disorders affect approximately 50% of the male population over 40 years old (just under 8 million males fitting the profile) and around 24,700 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer each year in the UK.

Diagnosis of a urodynamic obstruction by a GP is currently difficult due to the reliance in patient awareness and accurate description of the flow relative to the patients ‘norm'. In general, a urination peak flow rate of greater than around 15ml/sec is considered normal for a man. A peak flow of less than 10ml/sec has an 80% chance of being associated with urodynamic obstruction.

Current Devices for measuring the rate of flow of urine are large, cumbersome and require a power source, cleaning and maintenance.


Much of the problems associated with diagnosis are exacerbated by the reluctance of patients to be examined, due to the invasive nature of the examination. A measure of the peak flow rate of urine is therefore a useful quantitative indicator of any urodynamic problems for a doctor or surgeon.

After intervention, such as prostratectomy or urethral surgery, the peak flow rate is similarly used as an objective outcome measure to gauge the effect.

The solution is Uflow meter TM, a low cost, disposable, single piece ‘peak flow meter' which the GP can issue to any patient whom the GP feels may be at risk or suffering from a constriction or obstruction. This not only assists the GP but will also reduce patient distress from what is normally an invasive examination.

Technical Features

Uflow meter TM comprises a transparent, thin-walled, injection moulded tube with a profiled orifice at the base. The tube is held over a lavatory bowl and urine directed into it. The level rises until the outflow matches the rate of inflow. The greatest height that the urine reaches in the tube indicates the peak flow rate. Patients report this height to the GP or consultant. To simplify the procedure and interpretation, the tube has three sections. If the greatest height is in the lowest section, it indicates a peak flow rate of less than 10 ml/s and a severe constriction or obstruction. A height in the central section indicates a peak flow rate of less than 15 ml/s and a lesser obstruction that needs monitoring. Heights in the third section or higher are generally treated as normal. These bands are the same as those used by urologists internationally for diagnostic purposes.

The Uflow meter TM may be read in several ways but has also been shaped to enable patients to view their peak flow level from above without the need for a scale or assistance.

Pricing & Availability

£8.25 + p&p

Post and packaging £4.58 UK, other countries, please contact Medipex Ltd at ennovations@medipex.co.uk

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